Inuktun Versatrax 200

The Versatrax 200™ crawler has been designed specifically for small-diameter remote entry into tunnels, tanks, and bunkers for exploration and inspection. This new addition to the Inuktun crawler line is available with up to 1,500 feet (450 meters) of tether cable and can be deployed from the back of a small van or pickup truck.

The unique chassis design allows the system to be lowered into a storage tank or underground structure through a borehole or riser as small as 8 inches (20cm) in diameter. An air hose is included in the umbilical cable to drive pneumatic actuators on the vehicle (air compressor required at control station), allowing it to be remotely reconfigured into a standard crawler arrangement. The operator can then drive the system normally and position the camera as needed to complete the required survey.

Built on proven and rugged Inuktun technologies, the system incorporates two Minitrac™ crawler tracks, a Spectrum 90™ pan-tilt-zoom camera for inspection and monitoring, and a Mini Crystal Cam® mounted near the front of the robot to assist with deployment and recovery. The Versatrax 200™ provides all the functionality of a full sized remote inspection system but with the deployment versatility of a simple drop camera.

  • Deployment Diameter Minimum 8in / 20cm
  • Vehicle Operational Size 18in / 46cm Wide by 22in / 59cm High
  • Tether Cable 1,500ft / 457m, Multi Conductor, Abrasion Resistant Rilsan, Copper and Pneumatic