High quality video can be difficult to capture due to adverse conditions such as low light, dust, rain, snow, fog, smoke and turbid water. Helios™, Inuktun's real-time video image enhancement system, automatically corrects these visibility issues and substantially improves image clarity, brightness and edge-emphasis. The Helios™ platform exposes new video image details that escape the naked eye.

Helios™ is a highly affordable hardware / software option that integrates with standard Inuktun controllers and cameras. This innovative solution from Inuktun is essential to the work flow of inspection professionals responsible for mission critical video. See it for yourself.

  • Backwards Compatible - Integrates with new and existing controllers / cameras
  • USB 2.0 Device - Easily connects to your Windows based PC
  • Optimize Multiple Video Sources - Enhance real-time video feeds or previously saved files
  • Requires little operator training
  • Reduces post production labour